What Makes Us Unique

What Makes Emerge PA Unique

The Emerge Pennsylvania candidate training program works. This is how and this is what makes us unique.

Emerge Pennsylvania’s signature training equips leaders with the resources, knowledge, connections, and community of support necessary for a successful campaign for office. Since 2016, we have recruited, trained and supported 150 Democratic women across Pennsylvania.

These are the features of our program that set our alumnae up for success and why you should apply to train with Emerge Pennsylvania:

  • In-Depth Training: Emerge PA offers the only long-term, in-depth, intensive candidate training for Democratic self-identified women.
  • Holistic Training Approach: Emerge PA’s program is holistic in its approach to training candidates, meaning we provide all the knowledge and resources you need – the “nuts and bolts” of being a candidate – to run a successful campaign. We address the issues, challenges and big questions you need to explore. And, we connect you to the leaders, elected officials, campaign experts and organizations you need to know as a Democratic candidate.
  • Training for Women: Running for office as a woman comes with a unique set of challenges, issues and hardships and we tackle these issues together. From addressing “imposter syndrome” to fundraising, we discuss and prepare you for the challenges that will come your way as a candidate. We also recognize and discuss the additional challenges that come with running for office as a Black woman, non-Black woman of color, Indigenous woman, LGBTQ+ woman, and a woman from historically underrepresented communities in politics.
  • Training with a Purpose: Our vision is a just and equitable world that has been reimagined and rebuilt by elected leaders who have the experience, passion and resolve to fight. We are intentional about recruiting Democratic self-identified women from groups that have been historically underrepresented in politics because we know they will bring their life experiences into elected office to make institutional change.
  • The Emerge Sisterhood: As an Emerge Pennsylvania program member, you become part of a sisterhood. This sisterhood is a circle of support, built by a community bonded together with a sense of purpose. It is often cited by Emerge PA alumnae as the reason why they run for office, and the reason why they win. As you embark on one of the hardest journeys of your life as a candidate, it is the Emerge sisterhood that will be there for you along the way.
  • Alumnae Network: The Emerge Pennsylvania Alumnae network is made up of 150 self-identified women who are seeking to make change. While many are doing so through elected office, others are doing so as leaders within the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, advocates, CEOs, nonprofit executive directors, scientists, professors and leaders across every sector in the State of Pennsylvania. Once you graduate from the Emerge PA training, you have the opportunity to connect with the entire alumnae network. Additionally, you will be connected to the national alumnae network through Emerge, our national partner.