2018 Candidates

Emerge Pennsylvania's alumnae are running for office right now!

Twenty-one Emerge Pennsylvania alumnae and current cohort members are running for Congress and the State Legislature in 2018:
Name  Office  District 
Shavonnia Corbin-Johnson*  Congress  10 
Laura Quick*  Congress  9 
Maria Collett  State Senate  12 
Linda Fields  State Senate  24 
Emily Best  State Senate  30 
Lindsey Williams  State Senate  38 
Katie Muth  State Senate  44 
Pamela Hacker  State House  26 
Michele Knoll  State House  44 
Liz Hanbidge  State House  61 
Mary Auker-Endres  State House  98 
Amy Cozze  State House  137 
Sara Johnson-Rothman  State House  151 
Melissa Shusterman  State House  157 
Jennifer O’Mara  State House  165 
Claudette Williams  State House  176 
Kristin Seale  State House  168 
Christa Caceres*  State House  189 
Kristine Howard  State House  167 
Carolyn Comitta  State House  156 


*Did not advance after the primary election.